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Steven Dunne: The Reaper, and Writing a Novel

Steven Dunne is another author who locates his work in Derbyshire. Previously I posted a video of Sarah Ward and Stephen Booth talking about their work. Those two writers set their stories in the rural north of Derbyshire, Dunne uses the … Continue reading

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Baghdad Burning

An article in the Guardian, “Top 10 books about the Iraq war”* made me aware of the Baghdad Burning blog: https://riverbendblog.blogspot.com.au/ The blog content has been released in book form, with two volumes. After reading through the first few entries … Continue reading

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Not Working, by Lisa Owens

The subject of Lisa Owen’s book appealed to me. Claire leaves her job of six years, hoping/expecting the newfound time and freedom will create the opportunity to find her “purpose” in life. I understand. It’s the kind of thought I’ve often … Continue reading

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FORTY. (a 1992 short story by Onesimus).

This is my only surviving story. It survives because it was included in an anthology of work published by a University writer’s group. The title of the anthology is Figments. It was published in 1992. The version below is a … Continue reading

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Risky Reading (and blogging)

There are clear risks for a Christian to have a book blog, particularly when the majority of books mentioned (and included on my reading lists) are “secular” books. Now that word “risk” may seem a strange choice – what risk … Continue reading

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History Mine: a personal history of history (1)

My interest in history developed too late: after my parents moved our family from England to Australia. It was only then that I started to regret not taking a greater interest in the historical landscape of the place I’d left. … Continue reading

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Why She Writes.

I’d never heard of Laurie Penny until yesterday when he saw her participating on a discussion panel on the ABC TV show Q&A. That particular episode aired a couple of months ago and I watched an on-line recording. She and … Continue reading

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Ghostwritten by David Mitchell

I have strong but mixed feelings about David Mitchell’s Ghostwritten. I love his style and the way he structures this collection of inter-related stories, but some of the content of those stories is jarringly crude. It’s a similar issue I’ve … Continue reading

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Tech-knowledgey and the coming hypothetical dark age.

Computers are getting more and more difficult to deal with. Just as you think you’re getting the hang of them they change. The other night I saw a commercial for some computery thing on TV and mentioned to Gloria that I … Continue reading

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Christian Writers and Fiction

It is my view that Christian writers will NEVER write a story in which biblical truths are compromised. They don’t necessarily have to spell out the gospel, but the story must always be consistent with a biblical worldview. God doesn’t need … Continue reading

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