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The Embassy of Cambodia

This book gave me a convenient break from the heavier content of my recent reading. While bound in book form, The Embassy of Cambodia is  caught between being a short story and a novella. It’s only 68 small pages but covers … Continue reading

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Two Weeks Away From Here…

I’m taking a two week break. I’ll be heading to Victoria to spend time in an 1850s granite cottage. A time of relaxation and hopefully a chance to have another slice of one of my favourite cakes, Raspberry Dacquoise, from … Continue reading

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Fictional Discoveries and a Memoir or Two

Looking back through this year’s reading list I find that I’ve discovered (and rediscovered) several authors that I’d love to read again. I’ve added their other books to my wishlist. Starting at the beginning of the year the discoveries have … Continue reading

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The Autograph Man by Zadie Smith

My autograph collection was started in the mid-1960s. It was the final day of a sea-side holiday with my parents. They had bought me an autograph book as a holiday present. Taking a last walk along the promenade we saw … Continue reading

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Entering the Reader’sTwilight Zone

After completing Zadie Smith’s book of essays (see previous posts), I wasn’t sure what to read next. My eventual choice was The Art Lover by Andromeda Romano-Lax (published as The Detour elsewhere). It’s been sitting on my bookcase for a … Continue reading

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Changing My Mind by Zadie Smith

Changing My Mind was structured like a sandwich. It began and ended with academic essays related to books and authors I haven’t read. So through the first 90 or so pages I wondered whether it was worth persevering. Fortunately I stayed … Continue reading

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Can Zadie Change MY Mind?

Guantanamo Boy was one of those can’t put down books, the kind that makes reading a pleasure, despite its grim and disturbing content. The downside of a book like that is finding something as a follow-up. What can I start … Continue reading

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Buy Less, Read More?

On the weekend I visited my parents. My mum was reading one of her books for the third time. She had read everything in her library at least twice and had nothing new to read. I don’t have that problem. … Continue reading

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