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Fictional Discoveries and a Memoir or Two

Looking back through this year’s reading list I find that I’ve discovered (and rediscovered) several authors that I’d love to read again. I’ve added their other books to my wishlist. Starting at the beginning of the year the discoveries have … Continue reading

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Changing My Mind by Zadie Smith

Changing My Mind was structured like a sandwich. It began and ended with academic essays related to books and authors I haven’t read. So through the first 90 or so pages I wondered whether it was worth persevering. Fortunately I stayed … Continue reading

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The Satanic Verses – finished at last!!!

It’s finally over. The last page is turned. The Satanic Verses has bitten the dust. It was like running a marathon, an endurance event, painful at times, needing gritty perserverance, but I got through its 547 sometimes tedious pages. But … Continue reading

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Rushdie’s Satanic Verses

My reading of The Satanic Verses has made it clear to me that the Moslem response to the book came from people who had not read it – they merely responded to hysteria whipped up by others. The majority would … Continue reading

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