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The Costs and Pitfalls of Book Buying.

I have far too many books – and still I buy more. When I develop a new reading interest, or a new interest in general, I’m not satisfied to dabble around the edges, I jump right in and obtain as … Continue reading

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What I Did on the Weekend. (Friday)

I remember in my very early school days, when my class were developing basic writing proficiency, we had to write short accounts with the title “What I did on the weekend”. As I rarely did anything really interesting on weekends, … Continue reading

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The Disciple, by Steven Dunne

This is a very good sequel to Dunne’s first book, The Reaper, effectively rounding out the story started in that debut, but I’m not sure how it would work as a stand alone novel. Having read The Reaper very recently, … Continue reading

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Steven Dunne: The Reaper, and Writing a Novel

Steven Dunne is another author who locates his work in Derbyshire. Previously I posted a video of Sarah Ward and Stephen Booth talking about their work. Those two writers set their stories in the rural north of Derbyshire, Dunne uses the … Continue reading

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Derbyshire Crime Writing

I found this to be a very interesting video, presented by two crime writers whose work is set in Derbyshire, my home county in England. Unfortunately there are some strange interruptions that cut the flow of the talk, and some apparent … Continue reading

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