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The Silent invasion by James Bradley

The Silent Invasion is the first part of “The Change Trilogy”, set in the near future after the earth has been infected by extra-terrestrial spores that initiate changes in the metabolism of plant and animal life. Infection leads to both … Continue reading

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Star Wars Acapella

I saw this quite a while ago and loved it. I’ve now found it on youtube.  

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Space Patrol: a blast from the past.

This is a show I watched as a small child, and one that I’d forgotten completely until I came across the following a few minutes ago. I was surprised how much of it brought back memories – the music, the … Continue reading

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The Dreamwalker’s Child, Steve Voake

I took another short break from my reading about WWI. This time I wanted something not related to warfare and the military, so I turned to a fantasy novel for children that I could get through reasonably quickly. However my … Continue reading

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Beyond the TV Whoniverse

 At the end of my previous post I noted an apparent discrepancy related to the 50th Anniversary of Doctor Who. While 2013 may have marked 50 years since the broadcast of the first Doctor Who episode, it is clear that … Continue reading

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The Many Faces of Doctor Who: (Introduction)

 Those familiar with Doctor Who will know that over the 50 years of the series’ history, there have been many different actors playing the lead role since the show was first screened in 1963. The first change was needed because … Continue reading

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The Fall of Five by Pittacus Lore

A disappointing book that had the potential to be entertaining but for the most part falls short. Apart from the opening and last few chapters, most of this book seemed like it was merely killing time, packing out a story … Continue reading

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Stephen King: 11/22/63

Two days ago I finished reading Stephen King’s 11/22/63. The story involves time travel, major world events and the consequences of using the former to change the outcome of the latter. It is a BIG book (not only in length … Continue reading

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Finches of Mars: conclusion

My earlier comments about this book still stand. It remained a book of ideas, lacking engaging characters. There were a couple of almost bright spots where the book started to show potential, but for me that potential remained unfulfilled. Maybe … Continue reading

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Brian Aldiss: Finches of Mars, early impressions.

I recently bought a signed edition of Brian Aldiss’s novel Finches of Mars, it is number 7 from a print run of 200. I had never read anything by Aldiss before, but I knew he was a respected science fiction author, … Continue reading

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