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A Dedicated Man, Peter Robinson

In the second of Peter Robinson’s DCI Banks series, the body of Harry Steadman,  a respected and widely liked local historian, is discovered partially buried beneath a dry stone wall. Why would a man like that be murdered? Alan Banks … Continue reading

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Bigger Than That, Lucy Ward

I’m not adding this to my official 31 songs. Just consider it as an addendum to song 18 from yesterday. Another from Lucy Ward. While specifically addressing a British political situation, the general idea behind the song applies in many … Continue reading

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For the Dead Men, Lucy Ward

Nick Hornby’s 31 Songs has given me an excuse to add occasional posts about music I like, or have liked. Lucy Ward is a singer-songwriter from Derby. This song becomes no. 18 on my list. And a live version.

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31 Songs – the overture

Number 17 isn`t really a song, although it does have a choral introduction provided by the Mormon Tabernacle Choir. This version of the 1812 overture conducted by Eugene Ormandy was one of the most important pieces of music in my … Continue reading

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“31 Songs” Picking up pieces

In my previous posts I’ve tried to maintain a reasonably chronological record of significant songs from my past. But it’s inevitable that some would slip my memory and be omitted from that chronology. Here I’ll try to fill some of the gaps. These two should … Continue reading

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“31 songs” Continued. (The early Gloria years).

After the list of 5 songs in my previous post, I’ve given the topic more thought and can add the following to my own “31 Songs”. There’s still a significant short fall – but one day maybe I’ll be able … Continue reading

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31 Songs, Nick Hornby (My Younger Years)

I read Nick Hornby’s 31 songs over several days. It was a good book to dip into from time to time when I had a few spare minutes.   It’s a book of essays/articles that use Hornby’s 31 songs as … Continue reading

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Venturing into Crime and Fiddle Music

I don’t recall ever being a fan of crime fiction, apart from a short period in my early 20s when I read a few Agatha Christie’s. However I was recently drawn to two British TV series based on crime novels. … Continue reading

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Afghanistan: 3 Books and a Song

The Sewing Circles of Herat by Christina Lamb Christina Lamb is a foreign correspondent with a close relationship to Afghanistan and its people. Long before the current crisis of the west’s longest war-without-end, Lamb was reporting from Afghanistan. During the … Continue reading

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Another three bite the dust

Over the last week I’ve been able to transfer three books from my “Reading Now” list to this year’s list of books read. Rock Bottom (Inspired by God), by Michael Teter is only a short book, but it took me … Continue reading

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