Song 24 of my “31 Songs”.

From the Welcome to My Nightmare album.

I often listened to this in my university days while I was writing stories for my creative writing course.

I heard this song again after seeing the Alice Cooper interview I posted about a week ago.



God, Drugs and Rock & Roll

During my years at university studying creative writing (early 1990s), I often listened to Alice Cooper as I wrote my short stories.

Here is a side of Cooper not often recognised.
His faith. His experiences in the music industry. His celebrity friendships. Golf.

And more…

Bliss Processional

One of the books I’m reading now is Royal: Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II by Robert Lacey.

It’s an old book (pub 2002) that I’ve had for many years, seemingly now out of print.

The book brought to mind this piece of music that I first heard on an LP I own (and can no longer play due to a lack of a turntable).


Processional, written by Arthur Bliss for Queen Elizabeth II’s coronation.