A Blast From My “Crime Fiction” Past

While looking for details of a review I recall writing on my very first version of this blog (not on wordpress), I accidently came across the following, that shows my journey into crime fiction wasn’t quite as recent as I thought.
However the books I wrote about here definitely aren’t examples of the type of crime fiction I’ve recently begun to read.

Reading Jasper Ffforde’s Thursday Next series is like jumping into a blender with an armful of books selected from almost every genre. His stories defy narrow categorisation. They combine elements of Science Fiction, Fantasy, Horror, Crime and Humour, seasoned with a few pages from literary criticism and grammar text books. If I have overlooked a genre, it’s probably there anyway, like a familiar spice that you recognise in a meal but can’t quite isolate and identify.

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That was written over seven years ago and it’s been a number of years since I’ve read any Jasper Fforde.

It might be time to revisit him, but I have so many other books to get through first.