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No Is Not Enough 2, Naomi Klein


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Generation Less, by Jennifer Rayner

I really expected and WANTED to like this book. I agreed with its general message: that younger generations were being disadvantaged in today’s world. With jobs hard to get and housing, both rental and purchased, priced well beyond their means, … Continue reading

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An Economy is Not a Society, by Dennis Glover

The first part of this book could be dismissed as nostalgia, but I think that would be short-sighted. Dennis Glover revisits his childhood, working-class suburb of Doveton and compares its past prosperity to its present day poverty. He uses this … Continue reading

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Econobabble by Richard Denniss

I wish everyone could and would read this book. It cuts right through the economic spin at the heart of all of the political dogma we’re subjected to every day. The constant lies and misinformation we’re fed by politicians and … Continue reading

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