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I Read Books Secular And/or sacred Seeing the best of things Or maybe the worst Enlightening Or offending Gratuitously? Is offence taken or given? Distinguish light from Darkness According to Individual merit  (or lack of) Without Pre-conception Or bias     Advertisements

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The Costs and Pitfalls of Book Buying.

I have far too many books – and still I buy more. When I develop a new reading interest, or a new interest in general, I’m not satisfied to dabble around the edges, I jump right in and obtain as … Continue reading

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What I Did on the Weekend. (Friday)

I remember in my very early school days, when my class were developing basic writing proficiency, we had to write short accounts with the title “What I did on the weekend”. As I rarely did anything really interesting on weekends, … Continue reading

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Why Now? ( a more extensive venture into crime fiction)

I’m approaching 60. I’ve been an avid reader since I was 5 years old, and half a lifetime ago, as a “mature-aged student”, I completed a BA degree in English literature and creative writing. And yet, for some reason, only … Continue reading

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My Reading Problem

  I saw the film Short Circuit during its initial cinema release; I now find I can identify with its primary character, the escaped military robot Number Five. Brought to life by (from memory) a lightning strike, Number Five had … Continue reading

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Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children by Ransom Riggs. (prelude)

It seems like I’ll be starting this book over the weekend. I bought it a couple of weeks ago but haven’t been able to read it yet because Gloria took possession of it and wouldn’t put it down. She has … Continue reading

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Baghdad Burning

An article in the Guardian, “Top 10 books about the Iraq war”* made me aware of the Baghdad Burning blog: The blog content has been released in book form, with two volumes. After reading through the first few entries … Continue reading

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Since I started my “books read” list in November 2009, I’ve read 298 books (as of today). That means I’m only 2 books away from the triple century milestone and have read an average of 40+ books per year for … Continue reading

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A Golden Age by Tahmima Anam

I read this over two days during my Christmas break and I’d love to write something that could express how much I enjoyed it. But I wouldn’t want my own expressive shortcomings to diminish anyone’s impression of the book through … Continue reading

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Fences and Windows, Naomi Klein

Since September 11, I have spoken with friends from South Africa and Iran who are furious about the outpouring of grief demanded of them in response to the attacks. They say it is racist to ask the world to mourn … Continue reading

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