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Capitalism: a ghost story

This is another book of essays by Arundhati Roy. While alot of the issues she addresses are focused on Indian politics, it is clear that the Indian examples she writes about are symptoms of what’s happening globally. While my knowledge … Continue reading

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The Ordinary Person’s Guide to Empire

This is a book of essays by Booker Prize winning author Arundhati Roy. Some of the essays are spoken about in The Chequebook and the Cruise Missile, the book of interviews addressed in my previous post. Roy’s views are both insightful and … Continue reading

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The Chequebook & the Cruise-Missile

A collection of interviews with Arundhati Roy, conducted by David Barsamian between 2001 and 2003. Topics discussed include the political influence of big business; the uncompensated displacement of 1000s due to the building of dams in India; the continuing effects … Continue reading

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