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A Rose for the Anzac Boys

In A Rose for the Anzac Boys  Jackie French vividly depicts the horror and heartbreak of battle at the Western Front during WWI. While not glorifying the violence, she doesn’t compromise at all with the gruesome truth of it. The … Continue reading

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Gallipoli, Peter Fitzsimons

Peter Fitzsimons’ book is probably the Gallipoli account I should have read first. It covers the major aspects of the Gallipoli campaign, from its planning, through the battles and then on to the evacuation that brought it to an end. … Continue reading

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Illegitimate Bill

Bill the Bastard by Roland Perry is the story of an almost legendary horse ridden in Australian Light Horse campaigns in WWI, who my wife and I politely refer to as “Illegitimate Bill”. I first heard about Bill in a … Continue reading

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Beersheba, by Paul Daley

On 31st October 1917, the Australian Light Horse played a significant role in the capture of Beersheba from Turkish Ottoman control. Paul Daley looks at a variety of views of the Beersheba battle and the Light Horse charge in his … Continue reading

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Goodbye Cobber God Bless You, by John Hamilton

“Goodbye Cobber, God bless you”, are the last recorded words of Trooper Harold Rush prior to him being sent to an inevitable death in the battle of the Nek. That battle occurred 100 years (and a few days) ago and … Continue reading

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The Other Anzacs, by Peter Rees

The Other Anzacs is the story of some of the ANZAC heroes of World War 1, who weren’t given the official recognition they deserved. They are the nurses who travelled across half the world to do what they could for … Continue reading

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The Price of Valour, by John Hamilton

The latest book in my Gallipoli quest is Price of Valour, a biography about Hugo Throssell VC. Throssell, had survived some of the worst parts of the Gallipoli campaign. He was one of the few to live through the suicidal … Continue reading

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