Refer to My Other Blog

It’s a while since I posted anything new on this blog, and I probably won’t have much more to add in the near future, so I’ll be putting this site into “hibernation” until further notice.

I’m sure most people have better things to do at the present time than keep visiting the same article and page every day, (although I know at least one person has been doing that most days for weeks now, for reasons only he would know).

So from now on, my blogging will be restricted to my other site where among my observations on life and truth I will have occasional “reviews” of what I’ve read:

Thank you for visiting over the years I’ve been writing about books and reading.


Since I started my “books read” list in November 2009, I’ve read 298 books (as of today).

That means I’m only 2 books away from the triple century milestone and have read an average of 40+ books per year for the past 6-7 years.

Now, what do I do?

Just continue reading and ignore the “significance” of my 300th book? Or do I make sure I hit that target with a book of significance? But what would be a suitably significant book to read as my 300th?

I don’t have much time to make the choice. I’ll be starting book 299 today.