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Blood on the Tongue, Stephen Booth

It was one of the worst sounds you could ever hear – the ticking of a clock in an empty house after its owner had died. It was a reminder that the world would carry on just the same after … Continue reading

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I Read

I Read Books Secular And/or sacred Seeing the best of things Or maybe the worst Enlightening Or offending Gratuitously? Is offence taken or given? Distinguish light from Darkness According to Individual merit  (or lack of) Without Pre-conception Or bias    

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A Necessary End, Peter Robinson

Patience and persistence paid off. The problems I mentioned regarding the previous two DCI Banks’ books aren’t an issue with this one. A Necessary End is the third in the series – and it’s a compelling, page turner involving politics and questionable … Continue reading

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Last Bus to Woodstock, Colin Dexter.

My parents often told me about the Morse TV series starring John Thaw as the title character, but I never saw it for myself. Neither have I seen any of the spin-off series Lewis, produced after Thaw’s death that follows … Continue reading

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A Dedicated Man, Peter Robinson

In the second of Peter Robinson’s DCI Banks series, the body of Harry Steadman,  a respected and widely liked local historian, is discovered partially buried beneath a dry stone wall. Why would a man like that be murdered? Alan Banks … Continue reading

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Bigger Than That, Lucy Ward

I’m not adding this to my official 31 songs. Just consider it as an addendum to song 18 from yesterday. Another from Lucy Ward. While specifically addressing a British political situation, the general idea behind the song applies in many … Continue reading

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For the Dead Men, Lucy Ward

Nick Hornby’s 31 Songs has given me an excuse to add occasional posts about music I like, or have liked. Lucy Ward is a singer-songwriter from Derby. This song becomes no. 18 on my list. And a live version.

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Gallows View, Peter Robinson

Tom Hanks’s writing is yet another sad story of how men write women The actor’s debut collection, Uncommon Type, is blighted by Hollywood’s obsession with female bodies – but he’s not the only author to write too much about hair … Continue reading

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31 Songs – the overture

Number 17 isn`t really a song, although it does have a choral introduction provided by the Mormon Tabernacle Choir. This version of the 1812 overture conducted by Eugene Ormandy was one of the most important pieces of music in my … Continue reading

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A Patient Fury by Sarah Ward

“He had the heart of an ox, the specialist informed him, a metaphor that had made the evening glass of cognac all the more enjoyable. The cardiologist had failed to appreciate that even the heart of a beast of burden … Continue reading

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