6 thoughts on “Dune: A Musical Interlude

  1. I found the album on Spotify the night I said I’d look for it. I put most of the segments into my list of music. (There are two of three that I found loud or dull.)

      1. They aren’t a group I knew, apart from the song Africa and the Dune soundtrack.

        I read recently that Pink Floyd had been approached to do the soundtrack for an earlier, pre-David Lynch, film version of Dune. It fell through because the major film studios were too nervous to give the film the green light to such an ambitious film.

  2. Hey… I just read, today, in GQ, that there is a reboot of Dune (a movie version) in the works now.

  3. https://www.esquire.com/uk/culture/film/news/a18497/denis-villeneuve-dune-remake/
    … David Lynch tried it in 1984.

    Famously one of the more fraught shoots in movie history, the Twin Peaks auteur managed to make such a hash of the job he now refuses to discuss it.

    None of which has managed to put off Denis Villeneuve. The Sicario director is about to begin work on his own reboot of the cherished – if somewhat dense – sci-fi source material, and is feeling bullish enough to claim it could even take two or more films to tell the story. (To assuage fan fears, he has also made it clear his Dune will in no way resemble Lynch’s.)


    {This isn’t the same article, but the word “reboot” is in favor here too.}

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