Fleeing ISIS, Finding Jesus (2)

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fleeing finding.jpgIn my previous post about this book I mentioned my initial disappointment when it didn’t seem to fulfill my expectations regarding testimonies of Muslims coming to faith in Jesus.

Then I recognised that “finding Jesus” wasn’t only applicable to new converts fleeing their old religious affiliation, but it also applied to professing followers of Jesus who would find a deeper relationship with Him when they faced unimaginable adversity.

My initial expectation was eventually fulfilled, but the hoped for evidence of Muslims finding the truth of Christ was often closely related to existing believers finding that deeper faith, as the security of their past was stripped away.

“For me as a believer, life is even better now than it was before ISIS. There are new opportunities and open doors to speak out loud about Jesus, to talk about Islam. A lot of Muslims are questioning who is God, and you only need to look…

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3 thoughts on “Fleeing ISIS, Finding Jesus (2)

  1. This is kind of different, even sort of opposite in an aspect or two maybe, but I’m deciding whether to go ahead [in regard to an inheritance] with a certain account manager who seems to believe a false gospel and to be very enthusiastic and vocal about it. I feel sorry for him but am also stressed hearing him talk.

    I haven’t decided if it’s a warning or opportunity. Steer clear? Or interact?

    1. One consideration is the idea against… now, what is the wording? Basically not to work together with a person who is not a believer (and an honest one).

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