Bliss Processional

One of the books I’m reading now is Royal: Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II by Robert Lacey.

It’s an old book (pub 2002) that I’ve had for many years, seemingly now out of print.

The book brought to mind this piece of music that I first heard on an LP I own (and can no longer play due to a lack of a turntable).


Processional, written by Arthur Bliss for Queen Elizabeth II’s coronation.



One thought on “Bliss Processional

  1. I got a turntable at an estate sale a couple months or so ago for five dollars. (I got a big old traditional oil painting in an ornate and gorgeous gold frame at the same sale for $175. And a few other things, such as a lovely antique writing table.)

    I’m looking forward to playing two old boxes of albums on it.

    The recording you included sure hearkens back to different days.

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