Anita Cobby – You Thought You Knew it All


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  1. I don’t want to go back and likely hear some gruesome details repeated, even though I want to find a name. Whose mother is it that an officer says was reaching her arm over his shoulder amongst the crowd after the suspects (later convicted) were brought back arrested? I didn’t figure out if it was an officer’s mother (maybe his) or a suspect’s mother.

  2. It would appear I got my wires crossed while writing that post. It wouldn’t be his own mother (she of the officer speaking) if, in fact, he said someone’s name.

    He (an officer telling the story) said that someone [the name he knew well], in response to the particular woman, asked, “Mom, what are you doing here?”

    1. I don’t recall what was said about that in the video, but I read what I assume is the same incident in the book Someone Else’s Daughter. If it wasn’t referring to a police officer, it might have been one of the journalists. If I get the time I’ll try to check.

  3. It makes sense that it would be an officer or a journalist (who, in surprise, said such to his mother there); it was right after one of the officers (the man relating this to the viewer) had said the crowd that was all worked up about the suspects — like saying they should die and things like that — were not normally rabble rousers but were well-heeled citizens.

    [On the other hand, and at the same time, it would be possible that a mother of one of the perpetrators could herself be well-heeled. And I wouldn’t want to leave the impression decent people can’t have terrible children or a terrible offspring. At some time later, in fact, a mother of one said she is sorry. She said it’s not enough to say she’s sorry.]

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