Keli Lane – 60 Minutes Story

Part 1

Part 2


5 thoughts on “Keli Lane – 60 Minutes Story

  1. It would seem there is some crime involved, don’t you think? Even if not murder. Was the baby kidnapped? Trafficked? Lost or snatched?

    1. Even if the baby was given to the natural father as Lane insists, it wasn’t done in a legally recognisable way, particularly considering the birth of the baby was never registered as required.
      What is strange is that Lane completed the paperwork and had Tegan’s name added to her Medicare coverage and was issued with a new Medicare card with Tegan’s name included.

      1. That is strange. I haven’t watched these two videos. Do they say why the registration didn’t happen? The birth was in a hospital. Right?

        It’s just mysterious like everything else, right? That seems to me to implicate someone at the hospital. Registration is almost automatic there.

      2. Hospitals give the parents the registration paperwork. The parents have to complete and submit the paperwork to the relevant Govt department within a certain time period.

  2. Interesting. It’s different here if the birth was in a hospital. Like I said, pretty much automatic.

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