Keli Lane TV series part three.

I posted the first two parts of this TV series a few days ago. I think this part is perhaps the most important. The YouTube video I originally posted is no longer available. Hopefully access to this episode isd still available via ABC Iview.

One of the (many) disturbing things about this case shown in the video is the response from then Director of Public Prosecutions Nicholas Cowdery, related to Lane’s sexual activity.

Nicholas Cowdery QC told the program he believed Lane was not a threat to the general community because there was no risk she would harm other children.

“She seemed to be a bit of a risk to the virile young male portion of the community,” Mr Cowdery said.

“That’s not grounds for putting her in prison, of course.”

A day or two after the episode was screened he felt the need to come out with an apology for the highly inappropriate comment. If that was the kind of juvenile, schoolboy sniggering going on in the mind of one of the highest legal representatives in the State… ?
Need I say more, apart from mentioning the revulsion I felt at seeing the expression on his face when he made the comment?

A related aspect of the case, associated with prosecutor Mark Tedeschi, will be addressed in an upcoming post about the book Nice Girl.

I’ve had questions about Cowdery’s attitudes to other cases I’ve seen addressed in recent documentaries, and wonder why he was so confident that Keli Lane had such a strong murder case to answer, while the case against Chis Dawson, suspected of the murder of his wife Lyn, wasn’t strong enough.



3 thoughts on “Keli Lane TV series part three.

    1. Cowdery was the Chairman of “White Ribbon Australia” and their “campaign to prevent
      men’s violence against women”.

      A couple of days after the screening of the TV show, Cowdery released an apology. He has now resigned from his position with White Ribbon.

      My next article about the Keli Lane case is scheduled for posting later today. The story doesn’t get any better.

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