Keli Lane

I’ve been watching an excellent series on ABC TV about the Keli Lane case.

Lane was convicted of murdering her new born baby, Tegan, and so far has served around half of her 18 year sentence.

Lane was found guilty despite there has never been any proof that her baby daughter was killed. It was a case built entirely on circumstantial evidence combined with an overdose of presumption.

nice-girl.jpgI have a book about the case on order (see left), but wanted to post the following link because I’m not sure how long the ABC will have access to the programme through their “iview”.
I’m also unsure about the accessibility of the video outside of Australia.

Keli Lane has always maintained that she handed over the newborn to the baby’s natural father soon after the birth. That man has never come forward and police efforts to find him failed. However, as the TV series reveals those efforts were possibly not as exhaustive as they ought to have been.

See also: an article written by Dr Xanthé Mallett, a forensic anthropologist and criminologist.