Silent Voices

silent voicesAnn Cleeves is one of the authors responsible for starting my crime fiction interest.

She is also a significant reason that my interest has continued.

In Silent Voices, DCI Vera Stanhope finds that following her doctor’s health advice gives her a personal encounter with death.
After swimming for exercise in a local health club, she discovers a woman’s body in the steam room.

She opened her eyes and shot a jealous glance at the woman in the corner. The steam seemed less thick and Vera saw that she was middle-aged rather than elderly. Short curly hair, a plain blue costume. Slender, with long, shapely legs. Only then, as a hidden draught cleared the mist again, did Vera realize that her companion was too still and her skin too pale. The object of Vera’s envy was dead.

Cleeves’ Vera Stanhope and Shetland books deliver much more than intriguing page-turning criminal investigations; their main appeal to me is the way she develops her story and supports the plot through character and landscape.

I’m not a frequent re-reader of books, but I suspect I could easily return to Cleeves’ work at some time, even if the crime aspect would no longer be a mystery.

But until then I still have the pleasure ahead of me of reading most of them for the first time.


4 thoughts on “Silent Voices

  1. It’s really something to have your name bigger on the cover than the title of the book.

  2. Yes.
    She’s an author who has earned that.

    And it IS the name of the writer on the cover – unlike many books today where a once successful author has their name franchised, and as a rersult can even publish new books long after their death.

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