Adnan’s Story: addendum

This is a short interview with Rabia Chaudry about the continuing case of Adnan Syed, the subject of her book Adnan’s Story.

I’ve used the category “true crime” to describe the content of this post, however I believe the crime element relates to the way Syed was convicted of murder. I don’t see any truth in the claim that Syed was guilty of the crime for which he’s been imprisoned for almost 20 years.

The story of Syed’s conviction is told in great detail in the Serial and Undisclosed podcasts. Details of those podcasts can be found here:

Also see:

2 thoughts on “Adnan’s Story: addendum

    1. Just consider how many miscarriages of justice there are (and have been) where there wasn’t a “Rabia” with the commitment and tenacity to speak up and pursue every available opportunity to have the wrong righted.

      It is now almost 20 years since Adnan was charged and imprisoned, and even though a retrial has been ordered, the courts move exceedingly slowly and he remains in prison.

      After hearing about the case through the complete Serial podcasts, and then all of the Undisclosed podcasts, as well as reading Rabia’s book and other resources, (I’m now reading another book that I’ll be writing about soon) I have no doubt at all that Adnan is innocent of the murder.
      But maybe even worse than the fact that an innocent man has served almost 20 years jail, is the way he was convicted through manipulation of “evidence”; falsifying of evidence, and the blatant “bad” behaviour of police and prosecutors and the way they LITERALLY created the case against him.

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