Bigger Than That, Lucy Ward

I’m not adding this to my official 31 songs. Just consider it as an addendum to song 18 from yesterday. Another from Lucy Ward.

While specifically addressing a British political situation, the general idea behind the song applies in many of our nations.

And a live performance.

3 thoughts on “Bigger Than That, Lucy Ward

  1. I guess it’s always (or almost always even with brief bright spots) been the case, that those in charge want to keep a lot of people down. But I used to think we wanted to care about our neighbor and our own democratic experiments as well as our fellow republics. I think the current negative trajectory has been exacerbated by a lack of guarding against certain outside agitators (who I suspect are now in league with some of our own leaders — in other words, that some of our leaders are traitors).

    1. As the Bible says, “The love of money is the root of all evil”.

      No good can come out of anyone, or out of any political philosophy, that seeks or promotes prosperity through exploiting or disadvantaging others.

      1. Absolutely so.

        There were a few people who were clamouring for the raiding they could pull off in other countries back in the twentieth century. One of them, for instance, was the father of the Koch brothers (Americans, two of whom are famous to those who study news and politics and corporate power). He became very disgruntled that he couldn’t run the tables in Russia when they had a planned — err… economy, for lack of better word. He ended up screwing around with our politics, in his bitterness, as his sons continue now (in their sense of entitlement and the haze they’ve put the masses under). I think our situation has gotten worse since the Soviet Union dissolved. The USSR was a terrible government, and it was good that it fell. However, the people didn’t know what to do next… but the KGB-trained Putin grasped what he could.

        We have people who have done at least one of two things (of at least three if I include the story of Bill Browder, who was trying to do something more normal I think). The two: seen what is possible for people who are ready to grab up what they can when they can as has happened in Russia and might be engineerable in the U.S. and elsewhere; gotten into cahoots with Russia’s — ehem — leadership.

        Incidentally, the guy pictured in the resting photo in one of the above videos was also an operator in the Trump campaign. And that guy has connections beyond the U.S and the U.K. I hope the monetary shenanigans are exposed.

        (Actually, there is a fourth dimension; Christians have fallen for feeling safe with Russia since they are no longer supposedly communist — as if nothing else is corrupt and Christianity is compatible with the chaos of lawlessness).

        Number three will help illustrate the motivations behind one and two…
        Robbed by the Kremlin

        For years, Bill Browder was a winner in Russia’s markets. Then he was expelled from the country and his lawyer was murdered.

        By Karen Dawisha Feb. 2, 2015 7:38 p.m. ET

        There is no gulag in today’s Russia. There are no show trials. Except…

        {Although I haven’t read it yet, The Man Without a Face should also be good. I have seen the author interviewed.}

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