For the Dead Men, Lucy Ward

Nick Hornby’s 31 Songs has given me an excuse to add occasional posts about music I like, or have liked.

Lucy Ward is a singer-songwriter from Derby.

This song becomes no. 18 on my list.

And a live version.


5 thoughts on “For the Dead Men, Lucy Ward

  1. This isn’t as profound, I guess. But I was hoping to post more music too.
    (This is a concert, at a festival, not a song.)

    Joe Bonamassa @ Pinkpop 2014

    I did go to hear this musician live (at a different venue).
    I’d say he was even better the evening I saw him.
    He’s a blues guitarist most of all, and singer.
    His voice was a bit stronger,
    maybe more rested.
    His voice isn’t
    one of the

    But I like it.

    [I only found out about him a few years ago. But he’s apparently been somewhat famous since he was twelve. His dad taught him a lot.]

  2. There’s another post at 13:07 that probably went into spam because of many links (to music by a pair of sisters I have come across). I like them. If you find that you don’t like having a post (the 13:07) with all those links, though, go ahead and delete the 13:17 as well. Anyway, I don’t think I’ll be posting in this thread any more.

    1. There was one comment that I hadn’t passed through moderation yet because it had a lot of YouTube videos and I wasn’t sure about having so many in the comments section.
      I’ve listened to some of that group and quite like their sound.

      1. Oh. That’s interesting. I just found out about them, although I vaguely think I’d heard their name once. The way I first heard them play and sing was with a cover they did of someone I liked who has passed away. On new years eve, someone else did a cover of that person (and it was bad and annoyed me).

        Then I heard their own original music. Then I saw more covers they had done, and quite excellently, of additional favorites.

        Prior to all that, I had been looking at some of the work of another American blues guitarist (far less famous but a little well-known, it appears; a guy). You know how one youtube grouping leads to another. I’ll refrain from posting.

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