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Gallows View, Peter Robinson

Tom Hanks’s writing is yet another sad story of how men write women The actor’s debut collection, Uncommon Type, is blighted by Hollywood’s obsession with female bodies – but he’s not the only author to write too much about hair … Continue reading

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31 Songs – the overture

Number 17 isn`t really a song, although it does have a choral introduction provided by the Mormon Tabernacle Choir. This version of the 1812 overture conducted by Eugene Ormandy was one of the most important pieces of music in my … Continue reading

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A Patient Fury by Sarah Ward

“He had the heart of an ox, the specialist informed him, a metaphor that had made the evening glass of cognac all the more enjoyable. The cardiologist had failed to appreciate that even the heart of a beast of burden … Continue reading

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“31 Songs” Picking up pieces

In my previous posts I’ve tried to maintain a reasonably chronological record of significant songs from my past. But it’s inevitable that some would slip my memory and be omitted from that chronology. Here I’ll try to fill some of the gaps. These two should … Continue reading

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“31 songs” Continued. (The early Gloria years).

After the list of 5 songs in my previous post, I’ve given the topic more thought and can add the following to my own “31 Songs”. There’s still a significant short fall – but one day maybe I’ll be able … Continue reading

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31 Songs, Nick Hornby (My Younger Years)

I read Nick Hornby’s 31 songs over several days. It was a good book to dip into from time to time when I had a few spare minutes.   It’s a book of essays/articles that use Hornby’s 31 songs as … Continue reading

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The Costs and Pitfalls of Book Buying.

I have far too many books – and still I buy more. When I develop a new reading interest, or a new interest in general, I’m not satisfied to dabble around the edges, I jump right in and obtain as … Continue reading

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