Phone Problems and Disrupted Crime Reading

Yesterday I was looking forward to finishing the last few chapters of Sarah Ward’s second book, A Deadly Thaw.
I’d been reading it over the weekend and had to put it down just as I reached that final climactic section where everything was starting to be resolved and revealed to the reader.

But my plans were disrupted by my phone company who were very unhelpful when we found we no longer had a working phone service at home.
I more or less spent a whole day at work trying to contact our service provider to speak to someone who was willing and able to help. At lunch time I even had to drive home to try something one of the customer service people suggested (a 30 km round trip) – and then, when it didn’t fix the problem I had to return to the office and try to contact them again.

After all of that I didn’t have the time or the desire to pick up my book. Fortunately, at about 8pm the phone rang and a technician from the phone company advised me that the issue with the phone service had been resolved.

I won’t go into all of the annoying details of the hours of wrestling with their customer service department. All I can hope is that our phone problems are behind us, and that tomorrow I can get back to my book and complete what has been an increasingly enjoyable reading experience.

Hopefully I can write a “review” of the book in a day or two.