New Salman Rushdie novel depicts Obama and Trump’s US

According to publisher Jonathan Cape, The Golden House, Rushdie’s 13th novel, follows “a young American filmmaker whose involvement with a secretive, tragedy-haunted family teaches him how to become a man”.

Starting with the inauguration of Barack Obama in 2008, the book will include current and recent political and social events, including the rise of the ultra-conservative Tea Party; the Gamergate scandal, which saw the widespread online harassment of female gaming journalists framed as a debate about media ethics; the debate over identity politics; and, perhaps most urgently, “the insurgence of a ruthlessly ambitious, narcissistic, media-savvy villain sporting makeup and coloured hair”.

Publishing director at Jonathan Cape, Michal Shavit called it “the ultimate novel about identity, truth, terror and lies” for “a new world order of alternate truths”.

Now waiting for Trump to issue a fatwah sending Rushdie back into hiding again.

A book definitely on my “to buy” list.

2 thoughts on “New Salman Rushdie novel depicts Obama and Trump’s US

  1. It does look like an interesting theme. Speaking of themes, this provides context.
    2/8/17 Republican actions on race are no accident…
    [I remember all this stuff the anchor references]

    Rachel Maddow traces some of the recent strains of racism within the Republican Party and its overlap with new Donald Trump hires and notes that what may appear like political gaffes to most Americans actually fit a broader, deliberate theme. Duration: 16:56

    I’ll add one more detail. The rule in the Senate about not insulting another senator, which has rarely been enforced, began with regard to senators getting into actual fist-fights. And while Lindsey Graham once said of a fellow senator that someone could murder him and no one in the Senate would care, and wasn’t censured for saying it, I wonder if telling Elizabeth to sit down was a subtle statement that the Republicans felt like punching her.

    Trump: I’ll ‘destroy’ law banning political speech at churches…

    02/02/17 10:53PM
    The president says he wants to eliminate the law barring churches from endorsing political candidates. And now a White House draft executive order on religious freedom has many concerned it will legalize discrimination.

    [It should be noted that executive orders shouldn’t really make law of this sort. (It’s still under consideration how much latitude the president has on immigration, but the above topic has to do with constitutional liberties for citizens in the U.S.A.)]

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