Baghdad Burning

An article in the Guardian, “Top 10 books about the Iraq war”* made me aware of the Baghdad Burning blog: vol2BBurn vol1

The blog content has been released in book form, with two volumes. After reading through the first few entries on the blog I didn’t hesitate to order the books.



Thursday, August 21, 2003 posted by River


Most of the emails moved me to… gratitude. Thank you for understanding… no, thank you for even *trying* to understand. Other emails, on the other hand, were full of criticism, cynicism and anger. You really don’t have to read my blog if you don’t want to and you certainly don’t have to email me telling me how much you hate it. It’s great to get questions and differing opinions- but please be intelligent about it, and above all, creative- if I want to hear what Fox News has to say, I’ll watch it.

And keep one thing in mind- tanks and guns can break my bones, but emails can be deleted.




3 thoughts on “Baghdad Burning

  1. Riverbend is an icon, i think it’s such a lost that she stopped blogging, so no wonder the Baghdad Burning one of the best 10 books about the Iraq war, she captured our daily life not only the struggles we gone through but even our feelings, she represented us Iraqis in her blog..
    I miss her tbh,

    1. I didn’t know about her until I saw the list of 10 best books. I then found her blog, read a few entries and ordered the two books based on the blog.
      I think in the west we NEED to hear the voices of those who have been affected by the results of actions of western governments.

      Thank you for your comment. I’m now following your blog.

      1. Yes, I think her popularity got down after she stopped blogging, and after the media stopped paying attention for Iraq,
        people now got more and bigger worries than hearing about the results of action of western governments..

        I appreciate it,

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