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Baghdad Burning : Girl Blog from Iraq by Riverbend

Baghdad Burning should be compulsory reading for every US, British and Australian citizen. It clearly describes how those nations helped destroy peoples’ lives and culture, all in the name of family Bush and those nations who followed them based on … Continue reading

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When Michael Met Mina, by Randa Abdel-Fattah

Humour, poignancy, foreboding, joy. Just a few relevant words that come to mind to describe this book. I could also add complex, but I wouldn’t want to give the wrong impression that its a difficult, confusing reading experience. The complexity … Continue reading

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Words I Find Annoying (1)

COHORT:  A word that I’m hearing and reading more and more, especially on ABC radio interviews; a word that seems to be used to describe a group of friends and acquaintances. When did the increasing use of this word start to … Continue reading

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A Rose for the Anzac Boys

In A Rose for the Anzac Boys  Jackie French vividly depicts the horror and heartbreak of battle at the Western Front during WWI. While not glorifying the violence, she doesn’t compromise at all with the gruesome truth of it. The … Continue reading

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Baghdad Burning

An article in the Guardian, “Top 10 books about the Iraq war”* made me aware of the Baghdad Burning blog: The blog content has been released in book form, with two volumes. After reading through the first few entries … Continue reading

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Notes on an Exodus, Richard Flanagan

Notes on an Exodus : an essay is a small book by Man Booker prize winning author Richard Flanagan, illustrated by Ben Quilty. Flanagan and Quilty travelled to the Middle East and Europe with World Vision, visiting refugees in camps … Continue reading

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Our Vietnam Nurses by Annabelle Brayley

I’ve moved slightly out of order. I read Our Vietnam Nurses before I started Minefields and Miniskirts. Originally I’d intended to writer a single article combining details of Sharon Bown’s speech, and the books I’ve read recently about military nurses. … Continue reading

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Minefields and Miniskirts by Siobhan McHugh

Recently a friend closed down his second hand bookshop specialising in military books. I asked him if he had anything about military nurses. One of the books he recommended was Minefields and Miniskirts, a book about the experiences of thirty … Continue reading

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“I have worn their blood”

The words of a military nurse inspired my year and a half interest in the wars of the past century. I saw them at the Australian War memorial when I visited for the first time since the 1980s They were … Continue reading

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