3 thoughts on “Future President, Future America?

  1. It looks also like the Republicans are going to be in vanity fights as if they are on set for a drama, divas claiming the other requires more make-up. But Trump has the upper hand, he can point at Rubio’s ears… and did. What in the world is going on?

    Christie just backed Trump — after he tried to take Rubio out a week or so ago and ended up out of the race himself. You could tell Christie was the “hit” man, not necessarily helping his own presidential run (as that was hopeless anyway).

    Meanwhile, Kasich is apparently playing the “good guy” role. At the same time he’s going around saying he wants to be positive, he said unprompted that his most likely person to put in the Cabinet would be Chris Christie.

  2. Huckabee’s daughter has endorsed Trump; many long-time conservative/evangelical voices and opinion makers have been favorable to him as well. So this is what it’s all been about? American Republicans are looking like big fools right now. The top guys are Trump and Cruz. It’s like when Republicans were complaining about Harry Reid and he was expected to lose his seat, but then they didn’t run anyone credible against him.

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