Word Definition: Sheepish.

For a visual definition of the term “sheepish”, see the expression on the face of Tom Switzer at the end of this 4 1/2 minute video.

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  1. I wasn’t able to watch the video at that source. I think I found it, though, here:

    Here she is talking with a different Thom:

    Here is more from her:

    I haven’t been up on what she’s been doing for the last few years, so this was interesting. It does seem like an additional burden on the uphill climb to take on capitalism in tandem with pollution and climate change. But if it’s articulated well enough for most people to see the connection (and not just well enough to get some enthusiasts involved), maybe it could help in making headway.

    I was annoyed recently, in conversation surrounding the talks in Paris over an agreement, that some people were saying it’s not fair to developing countries to not let them go through a dirty development phase in order to get economically strong; this totally ignores that there are current technologies that are very affordable, “green” — and that don’t make people dependent on suppliers of dirty fuel, etc.

    1. some people were saying it’s not fair to developing countries to not let them go through a dirty development phase in order to get economically strong

      That is most likely the view of those nations who are making money out of selling dirty resources like coal to those “developing countries”.
      Surely the path to economic strength for those developing nations would be better served through green energies that are mostly freely generated once the infrastructure is in place.

      I’ve been reading, listening and watching a lot of Naomi Klein recently. I find she gives an enlightening perspective on the problems faced in the world, largely caused by greed. However I find the kind of solutions she presents are naïve and too trusting on an assumed goodness of human nature.

      It is assumed that IF ONLY political priorities and direction could be changed, the result would be more equitable for all. That dream is dependant on everyone being (and remaining) interested in maintaining fairness between all people, and no one taking advantage of others and restarting a cycle of exploitation.

      She sees the world’s problems are systemic rather than due to human nature; and that changing the system will make things better. I believe that God has revealed a different picture; that when man abandons God, man’s natural inclination is selfish. And man creates systems that give the most promise of satisfying that selfishness.
      One of the greatest strengths of Capitalism is that it gives the illusion that ANYONE can rise to the top, if only they work hard enough.

  2. Anyone “can” rise, and anyone getting a few cents per hour deserves that needs aren’t covered by that. And people on this side of the planet getting a few dollars per hour don’t deserve better. And those who pay them deserve billions per year.

    1. Something I’ve just posted on my other blog (https://onesimusfiles.wordpress.com/2015/12/18/cost-of-rewarding-the-rich/ )

      Interesting comparisons.

      US tax top rates by year. http://federal-tax-rates.insidegov.com/

      Note the degree of change in the Reagan years.
      Note the rates prior to 1964.

      It would be interesting to compare what social changes started to occur in those same years, how essential community services started to erode and how people have been affected by the significant reduction of taxes on those who can most afford to pay.

      An example of those social changes has been added to the end of that post on the other blog.

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