Seeing Other People, by Mike Gayle

Seeing-Other-People-jacketAfter a very dry reading year, I started 2015 with an author who has never failed me in the past: Mike Gayle. And true to form, I found Seeing Other People very hard to put down and I read it over one weekend.

It was the kind of book I needed to read, to rid myself of any idea that my interest in reading was dying, after managing to finish only 25 books last year, the lowest since I started keeping a tally at the end of 2009.

Joe Clarke is a man very much in love with his wife and children so the last thing he’d want to do is jeopardise his marriage. So why does he wake to find himself in bed with the new office intern with no memory of how he got there? And why does his ex-girlfriend keep turning up – considering he’d very recently attended her funeral? What affect will all of this have on his marriage?

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4 Responses to Seeing Other People, by Mike Gayle

  1. Marleen says:

    Okay. I’ll guess. He’s somehow in a coma and dreaming (having nightmares)?

  2. Marleen says:

    I give up. What was going on? Tell me what happened to poor old Joe.

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