The Girl Who Didn’t Know Kelly, by David Martin

Girl Who Didn't KnowFollowing on from a book about Ned Kelly’s mum, here is another book related to the well-known bushranger. This one is a “Young Adult” novel dating from the mid 1980s.

The book is based in Beechworth (a favourite place of mine where I’ve spent several short holidays) a town that has many connections to Kelly. He he was tried in the courthouse and spent time imprisoned in the town jail, as did members of his family, and it was from Beechworth that he was sent to be tried in Melbourne after the famous Glenrowan seige. It was thought that an impartial jury would be impossible to find from around Beechworth because of the strong support he had among many of the local population.

Katherine Grimshaw, known as Kit, is the daughter of a Beechworth banker. She finds herself caught between the town’s different classes, witnessing and recognising some of the injustices and inequalities experienced by many while living a privileged life herself. She finds there are often no easy and glib answers to the difficult issues that arise as she finds herself caught between family and friend.

Once again Ned Kelly doesn’t dominate the book, but his story provides background colour and context as well as inspiring Kit to consider some important questions about life and death in her community.


4 thoughts on “The Girl Who Didn’t Know Kelly, by David Martin

  1. I started the book I said I was going to read next, but it hasn’t taken hold yet. For some reason, I then started into another I’ve had for a month or two. It was not seeming interestjng at first (like as far in as I’ve gotten with the other). But I pressed on and am now wanting to know what’s next. I hadn’t realized it’s set in Australia when I picked it out. There are mums in here. There are also people having (or having had) work to do with banks (incidentally, not the main plot, at least so far). It’s called THE HUSBAND’S SECRET.

    1. I’m not familiar with that book. I’ll look it up when I get the time.
      But I have to hold back on buying books. I have far too many already that I need to read, and I know I’ll be getting a few for Christmas.

  2. “Can’t” wasn’t quite what I meant, except at the very first. Then I didn’t want to quickly choose to ignore or stuff my reaction in order to move on. I preferred, instead, to think on the matter some.

    Anyway, i’ve been reading on now. Boy it’s weird reading of Easter in autumn.

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