The Fall of Five by Pittacus Lore

FallA disappointing book that had the potential to be entertaining but for the most part falls short. Apart from the opening and last few chapters, most of this book seemed like it was merely killing time, packing out a story to make it last for an unspecified number of additional sequels.

I think that view is borne out by its “cliff-hanger “ending, leaving readers with the option of buying the next instalment (whenever it’s released) or abandoning the series altogether, which gets more tempting the longer the series is stretched out.

There are few surprises in the book. Maybe the biggest is the fact that the story abruptly ends almost 50 pages before the book runs out; and the added pages are filled with chapters of “Lost Files” , DVD-like extra features, pseudo-deleted scenes that add a little back (or side) story to the series.

Strangely the most significant potential surprise comes near the end of the book and yet its effect has been deflated long before it is revealed – broadcast so loudly ahead of time that the only surprise is how obvious it had been made.

But what is the book about?

Superhero-like alien teenagers, sent to safety on earth, escaping from the genocidal, invading race that has destroyed their own planet, now find they are the only hope that earth has to be saved from a similar fate.

This is the fourth book in the series. But how many more to come?