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Review Policy

I’ve now created a new page where I’ve written my “review policy”. Click on “Review Policy”  at the top of the page. Advertisements

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An Object of Beauty by Steve Martin

Steve Martin is best known for his work in films. Starting with stand-up comedy, he has acted, written screenplays, written for theatre, written novels and more recently recorded Grammy award winning music, playing the banjo. In his spare time he … Continue reading

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Turning Forty, Mike Gayle

On the surface Mike Gayle’s Turning Forty has nothing in common with the Stephen King book I wrote about in my previous post. But to me, both bring up the idea of alternative time lines. In King’s novel the protagonist … Continue reading

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Stephen King: 11/22/63

Two days ago I finished reading Stephen King’s 11/22/63. The story involves time travel, major world events and the consequences of using the former to change the outcome of the latter. It is a BIG book (not only in length … Continue reading

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Finches of Mars: conclusion

My earlier comments about this book still stand. It remained a book of ideas, lacking engaging characters. There were a couple of almost bright spots where the book started to show potential, but for me that potential remained unfulfilled. Maybe … Continue reading

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Brian Aldiss: Finches of Mars, early impressions.

I recently bought a signed edition of Brian Aldiss’s novel Finches of Mars, it is number 7 from a print run of 200. I had never read anything by Aldiss before, but I knew he was a respected science fiction author, … Continue reading

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