Arena by Onesimus: My Breakthrough as a Novelist.

ArenaA short visit to the National Gallery of Australia on the weekend was very inspiring, especially a painting called “Arena” by Robert Ryman (see right). 

At first I didn’t understand its importance, but a friend set me on the right path. My initial eye-rolling cynicism was turned around by my friend who said my attitude was similar to those who had dismissed earlier artistic greats.

Severely chastised, I repented of my philistine ways and took my friend’s views on board – and WHAT AN EYE OPENER!

My unproductive decades as an author are over. Since the weekend I’ve completed the first of what is likely to be many novels. As a tribute to Ryman I have borrowed his title for this breakthrough literary masterpiece.

To give a foretaste here are the first two pages of my novel Arena

The remaining 998 pages can be purchased at a cost of $10 per page. What a BARGAIN for a genuine literary milestone.


ARENA novel page 2ARENA novel page 1



4 thoughts on “Arena by Onesimus: My Breakthrough as a Novelist.

    1. Actually I have several paintings at home just like the Ryman masterpiece. The only difference is in the title. Mine are called “Pre-primed Canvas” (Gesso and acrylic paint on canvas – various sizes).

      In my defence regarding copyright infringement, my novel probably has a different textured paper to yours.

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